The Challenge:  Deliver a once in a lifetime experience for your well-travelled attendees



This stunning winter wonderland National Park in Canada can make the perfect incentive travel trip to experience in the winter. A trip to Banff could feature exciting activities, like dog-sledding around the spectacular Lake Louise or an ice walk through Johnston Canyon. Or perhaps your staff could experience an exhilarating plunge down Mount Norquay on an inflatable snow tube.

Take your employees hiking, horseback riding or even white water rafting. And if you need a break from nature, you can always take an excursion into town to do a little shopping and enjoy some great restaurants.


Cambodia: Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

Move out of the way of kamikaze cars and motorcyclists in Cambodia’s colorful capital and learn all about their rich history.  Visit the Temples of Siem Reap and Angkor Wat – Cambodia, nestled between Thailand and Vietnam is an unexplored kingdom that is filled with culture and a long history to discover. Cambodia gives your guests the unique opportunity to explore beyond the typical tourist areas providing lifelong memories will be created here and again a bucket list of lifelong travel will be achieved.


Costa Rica

Arrival into Liberia Airport places you close to some of the best hotels and beaches. “Pura Vida” is commonly heard in Costa Rica—it means “pure life”. You will be welcomed by smiles by the local the Costa Ricans.  The transfer to the hotel is not too far and you will have some time to take in the tropical beauties. Costa Rica extends majestically from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, and its distance is barely 200 miles.  Fine food, world class resorts and pampering spas await your arrival.  Costa Rica is great for families, wellness, rural tourism and great wildlife experiences.


Dubai & Qatar

Dubai holds a special place as one of the world's best Incentive destinations- Dubai is situated in the southern Persian Gulf and is considered one of the most sophisticated and advanced cities in the world.  You can almost be guaranteed wall-to-wall sunshine, endless activities and 5-Star hotels and services everywhere.  Even in the shopping malls.  Unlike most large cities, crime rate is almost Zero, making it a very safe city to visit.

Incentive groups travelling to Dubai will be spoiled by incredible hotels with exceptional pricing structure.  Sightseeing will not disappoint you with travel in the dessert on a jeep safari arriving at an Arabic camp for a sumptuous Arabic barbeque with entertainment or a visit to the top of the Burj Khalifa tower – The tallest building in the world. Nothing left to the imagination in Dubai and Qatar.



The Maldives encompass more than 99% of the sea and less than 1% of the land in the Indian Ocean.  Each Island is a hotel, and each hotel is an Island or cluster of hotels.  Some overwater and some on land, all have been designed to please you.  The colors of the water and amenities will certainly capture your imagination, and visiting here will take one destination on the lifelong bucket list of places to go.  Thanks to the clear azul waters, there is not much to do but simply relax on the white fine sand beaches by crystal clear waters and enjoy this amazing tropical wonderland. More than 1000 islands and almost as many resorts to choose from.


Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic’s coastline city of Punta Cana holds some of the best opportunities for an all-inclusive incentive destination in the Caribbean.  After escaping the two major hurricanes in the 2017 season, it is ready for 2018 and 2019 guests.  Punta Cana is home to many stunning resorts, attractions, and activities abound. Your guests will enjoy pristine white sand beaches, sparkling blue waters, with all of the sports that go along with it. Land-based activities are also abundant such as biking, horseback riding, safari tours, cave expeditions, and much more.  



The ‘land of fire and ice’ can make a spectacular incentive travel destination. Boasting snow-topped landscapes and a cosmopolitan city, Iceland’s capital is steeped in culture and history. Your employees could enjoy a husky ride through the snow, drive quad bikes or 4x4s across glaciers, or race snowmobiles through the lunar landscape. A unique activity is to enjoy a demonstration of how Icelanders bake bread underneath the Earth!

A destination that continues to capture the imagination of incentive planners is Iceland. Natural wonders such as the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle are must-visit sites and with just a few hours’ flight time from the East Coast, the destination has become a no-brainer for incentives.



Italy’s iconic capital city of beauty and history, provides so much to see and explore, from the Vatican City to the Colosseum, while Michelangelo’s renowned art is a must-see in the Sistine Chapel. Also famed for its culinary delights, you could enjoy private dining in a secluded cellar at the Pantheon, or a private cooking lesson in the countryside at a favorite Vineyard.  Rome is a great destination even if the experienced traveler has been here before.  There is so much to do.



Modern and multicultural, Singapore is a must-visit incentive travel destination;  Hotels leave no shortage to the imagination and high-end shopping, fine dining and contemporary architecture make this city something special.  Whether you are staying at the famous colonial style Raffles Resort, or the State of the Art Marina Bay sands hotel or the just completed InterContinental Hotel, you will not be disappointed.  The Botanical Gardens offer calm in a bustling city, or you could visit the ancient rainforest, while the Gardens by the Bay feature the world-famous stunning supertrees. Your employees could even take in panoramic views from the elevated walkway or the tree-top bistro by Marina Bay.



Bangkok is the largest city in the center of one of Asia’s most populated cities. The hotels are the oasis in the center of this city and provide a vast opportunity in comfort and rest and relaxation. The Aventura Resorts offer a continuity and similar luxury hotel options that carry them through your stay. After 2 nights in Bangkok, head up country to Chang Mai for 3 nights; Enjoy Zen and tranquility.  Chiang Mai is to Bangkok what Maui is to Honolulu or Bora Bora is to Papeete.   Chang Mai is the Zen in this Kingdom you have been looking for.  The final stop would be an additional 3 nights on an island paradise in Thailand; the choice between Koh Samui and Phuket can be difficult. . Both are well known and are on the world travelers bucket list of beautiful destinations; Both offering all of the beaches, sun, and mystical attractions you could ever want. Samui has more beachfront resorts and Phuket more rooms with a great variety.